Recognizing opportunities ahead of the marketplace is key to the success of any venture. Recently, national attention has been focused on the comeback of the real estate investment and development market. This is the space that Shovel Ready Projects and its affiliates have specialized in for years.

The national media has acclaimed Philadelphia for real estate values, quality of life, and access to the nation and the world, suggesting that it has emerged as New York’s “Sixth Borough.”

In magazine features and industry polls and rankings, from National Geographic Traveler to food and lifestyle trendspotters, Philadelphia is proclaimed as “America’s Next Great City!”

The greater Delaware Valley, with Philadelphia at its hub, is world renowned for higher education, healthcare, as well as a bounty of cultural, dining, entertainment and lifestyle options.

The Philadelphia and S. Jersey area is also among America’s strongest and most under-valued real estate markets.

Today, Shovel Ready Projects is managing a $120 million portfolio of properties in the most desirable commercial and residential districts of Philadelphia and southern New Jersey, South Florida and the Caribbean.

With an inventory of prime commercial and residential real estate, Shovel Ready Projects works with builders, developers, and lenders toward mutually beneficial objectives, offering projects in various stages of the development process, most with comprehensive plans, fully approved for the next phase of execution. Project investments range from under $1 million to in excess of $50 million.

Always receptive to creative and innovative development opportunities, Shovel Ready Projects welcomes participation by commercial brokers seeking prime projects and joint ventures for established developers, construction companies, lenders and other clients. The firm is also prepared to help secure financing for qualified buyers.

At Shovel Ready Projects our business is identifying, securing and nurturing prime development sites offering significant value for partners, developers, builders, buyers and the community.